Rogozin when viewed from the floating power called gigantism refuse, since it does not have the capacity or resources, and leave on the bank staff

. “Sam unit is quite compact This kind of plug, which must be stuck in the socket on the bank”, - he said, - “Here is a huge metal structure, in which the reactor itself - a compact structure, and everything else - is the 9-storey house settlement of employees. ”

He recently visited the Baltic plant, which examined the floating unit. He recalled that the unit is designed to Pevek and the government has already allocated money for the creation of coastal infrastructure.

Deputy Prime Minister wondered why this is necessary, do “not possible to settle on the banks of the staff and thus dramatically minimize the cost of setting up such a structure.”

9 June 2016

Chernigov village declared itself a separate part of Ukraine and appointed its “sovereign” (Chernihiv region of Ukraine found “monarchy”, which issued passports are exempt from taxes and angle)
The Parliament did not rule out breaking of diplomatic relations with Russia because of the attack on the Embassy of Ukraine

• Fraudster tried to cash a check for $ 360 billion »»»
Is not only human stupidity has no limits. In Texas, a man was arrested at the bank, when he gave the employee a check for $ 360 billion.
• At the RSC Energia in Korolev near Moscow declared a day of rest "in relation to abnormal phenomena. »»»
Today in the suburban queen, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will visit JSC “Energia”.
• Interior Ministry acknowledged that the police are police officers who took sick and shy away from validation, and it can take years. »»»
Some employees of the Russian Interior Ministry has not yet been re-certified.
• The dress code is a Swiss bank laughing all the world. In Russia, "never give up the invitations to the sauna, but the negotiations have to drink alcohol »»»
A lot of ridicule due to internal management of the Swiss bank UBS for employees.
• Odessans gave Saakashvili insulting nickname »»»
The recent appointment of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of governor of the Odessa region soon became a pretext for the emergence of numerous jokes and witticisms.

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