Chernigov village declared itself a separate part of Ukraine and appointed its “sovereign” (Chernihiv region of Ukraine found “monarchy”, which issued passports are exempt from taxes and angle)

In Chernihiv region created its “state”, which issued passports are exempt from taxes and criminal liability. The village Bakaevka Ichniansky in Chernihiv region of less than 14 years of living a self-proclaimed monarch and his subjects - the so-called “Title sovereign people of Ukraine“, according to a story TSN.Tizhden.

According to the head of the rural Berezhnyaka Constantine, he was not offended by the prince, but complains that he does not pay taxes. “He does not pay, but the woman will pay for it all then he shouts -. I do not cry I confirm, he personally does not pay, paid his wife and everything is fine!” - Says the official.

Sam “His Majesty” was left without a personal car, which in the penalty-area police took Chernigov. The situation would have seemed comical, but the next day, “Emperor” car takes some of its representative. It turns out, laminated sheet is issued on behalf of the “titular Ukrainian sovereign people” to someone still impressed. The Security Service of Ukraine reported that the information on the availability of criminal proceedings against this organization is not, and added: “The real source of income is the import of the state border of Ukraine vehicles from Europe and providing them with their own license plates, registration of the so-called passport” title sovereignty of the people of Ukraine. “In addition, TSNU guide draws heavily from private entrepreneurs. In exchange for financial support, the leaders TSNU promising entrepreneurs providing extraterritorial rights (exemption from state taxation, inviolability of property, lack of jurisdiction).”

Using a space in the laws, some schemers tried to create a virtual, legally untouchable organization that would resemble something like the United Nations in the United States. Physically, this is its territory, but legally a stranger. Also, it turned out that the Ukrainian legislation does have such a formulation. It is described in a single document - Oued - Classification of Economic Activities. The problem is that currently define this activity organization can own that TSNU made.

When unable to find it in the official register of the country’s education entrepreneurs titled “Cover the sovereign people of Ukraine.” However, law enforcement is not the first time meet with this extra-territorial economic activity. Who knows how many machines and Bonded nezaplachenih taxes could create fake pumped through the sovereign. Clearly felt that behind ridiculous rural peasants with fictional crown was someone really powerful.

The Emperor, who was found in Bakaevke, was not primarily in the hierarchy. He explains that an audience with the present need to ask through a formal request. Then, he decides - to meet with journalists or not. After the arrival of journalists at the prince’s office disappeared plate and cars with “diplomatic” rooms. However, the organization can easily be found on the Internet. And social networks a man puts an invitation to Russia and Belarus Consulate of accession to eksterritorii “Sovereign-Emperor.”

6 June 2016

Japanese journalist ridiculed Zakharov of “loss of grip” and a diplomatic gaffe: the internal instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to the newspaper in a newspaper with a very brief “interview not to give!”
Rogozin when viewed from the floating power called gigantism refuse, since it does not have the capacity or resources, and leave on the bank staff

• Rights to use the emblem of Ukraine speak Polish and Swiss »»»
Intellectual property rights in the use of Ukrainian coat of arms on road signs and license passport of citizen of Ukraine belong to private individuals.
• In the Ministry of Justice received 82 applications from the organizing committee of the political parties. In the list of parties - subtropical, beer lovers, without a title »»»
About 80 parties have submitted documents to the Justice Ministry of the Russian Federation to register - in the near future the country may appear “Piratstskaya Party of Russia.
• Ukraine may demand the arrest of Google's founders »»»
Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin wrote on his Twitter about the treatment of Kiev in the FBI to arrest the founder of Google Sergey Brin.
• Angela Merkel: "I can no longer communicate with Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk" »»»
"In an interview with our correspondent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel
• "Streams of gas, natural gas, are from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia" - recently told astonished reporters Ms. Psak »»»
Mouthpiece of the U.S. State Department - 35-year-old redhead with a musical name molodushka Psak - despite his age, is a veteran information and political battles in the United States.

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