Zoozaschitniki scuffled with staff restaurant chain Burger King in the center of Moscow.

As told on Wednesday, 25 May, in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” one of the witnesses, it happened after a group of activists came to the corporate office building, to express dissatisfaction with the advertising campaign.

“Burger King threw chickens heads 60 on Manezhke hang your tag chickens live with their action we did not like it, and so we decided to show it..”, - Said Dmitry. Protesters threw eggs office. Then came to him the company’s manager, who, according to the activist, provoked a fight. “People started to beat us not detained, but the fight was normal.” - Said the party shares.

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In the middle of May appeared on YouTube a video of how dozens of chickens walking on Manezh Square in Moscow. video creators claimed that this marketing campaign restaurant chain Burger King, but the corporation has not confirmed this information.

Burger King has repeatedly promoted their shares with the help of controversial advertising slogans. May 16 to draw attention to the action, “Nuggets for 69 rubles” Burger King put the chicken pieces in the form of obscene gesture. The picture was accompanied by the caption “Greetings to all who nuggets more expensive.”

26 May 2016

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