Britney Spears demanded a resident of Omsk $ 3 million for sexual harassment

The famous singer sued the director of Omsk, accusing him of sexual harassment. Britney Spears is seeking to recover a man of three million dollars in compensation, reports

30-year-old director Mikhail Matviyenko confirmed that Britney Spears filed for it in the Soviet District Court of Omsk, submitting the claim documents. Singer outraged that the film “Comrade: a film about Putin’s Russia,” “main characters are vulgar and obscene dialogue about who they wanted to rape” - the very Spears and American singer Katy Perry.

Britney Spears felt that the picture contains a “gross and unacceptable scene is an unacceptable discrimination based on sex.” the singer’s representatives have asked the director to remove questionable shots, but the latter instead sent the star about 20 abusive letters with threats.

“Let Britney Spears is coming to Russia, and I’ll have sex with her right in court you will pay me the money, and Britney Spears is my personal sex slave.” - Wrote the singer Matvienko. As a result, the singer accused the director of sexual harassment and required him three million dollars in compensation. Matvienko himself claims that this amount will not be able to earn in a lifetime. He described himself as a fan of Britney Spears. “I feel for Britney sexual desire Why I can not share with her your fantasies Nothing in this.?” - Is perplexed director.

In protest, indignant exorbitant sum Matvienko going to live in an abandoned construction site and a hunger strike. “I plan to draw a poster with the slogan:” Britney, stop “, - said the director.

The painting itself tells the story of life in modern Russia two working, eating dog food, while one of the men on the plot tape commits suicide. According to Matvienko, he sent his film to foreign stars such as Madonna, Shakira and Justin Timberlake.

24 May 2016

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