May 19 at the Manege Square police catching hens

On the morning of May 19 police officers and “Gormost” caught with chickens that ran on Manezh Square.

According to the media said that the chicken had escaped when they were taken for the stock Burger King advertising “nuggets 9 for 69 rubles.”

“Previewed last event with chickens, which will go to restaurants with an ad tag on the neck and try to agitate nuggets for shares not held due to the loss of chickens in the way”, - wrote the company.

According to the driver, a bird in the amount of 100 pieces might escape during an unscheduled stop in Manezhnaya Square. He suggests that he could forget to close the door to the cargo bay, where there was a canister, and the protesters. During refueling called him and he quickly got into the vehicle. The loss was discovered when the arrival of the first point.


20 May 2016

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