Perm police officers arrested a cat belonging to the debtor

Bailiffs arrested cat men indebted 120 thousand. Rubles, to motivate them to pay the debt, said the Federal Bailiff Service in the Perm region.

“Due to the fact that voluntary male repay not in a hurry, the bailiff decided to pay him a visit. During the inspection of the property status of the debtor has been established that all property in the apartment owned by his family. Then the artist drew attention to the stately strolling around the room . cat asked the bailiff, the name of a pet, the debtor with pride replied Archibald “- according to the site office.

In UFSSP noted that despite the noble name, pedigree animal was missing, as well as other documents confirming the fact that the cat belongs to someone else. To give the debtor an incentive for the early repayment of debt, the bailiff decided to seize the pet, previously estimated it at 1.5 thousand. Rubles.

“In accordance with the current legislation the bailiff explained to the debtor that he has the right to independently realize arrested at his property debts if its value does not exceed 30 thousand rubles.”, - Said in a statement.

It is noted that the defaulter readily agreed to take advantage of his entitlement. The very next day to repay the debt, he brought the bailiff funds, explaining thus, that sell pet family, he can not. The arrest was made with the animal, a cat named Archibald remained with his master.


6 May 2016

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