Klitschko on the way to work fell from the bike and flew over the handlebars

Cyclists say that the capital is not adapted for such transport, but praised the mayor for having decided to replace all cars on elektrobayk

Skating Mayor Vitali Klitschko on a bicycle in the city was not a single action. Yesterday morning, as well as Tuesday, he went to work on the two-wheeled for 5 thousand. Euro. However, not one. How do I find “News”, podezhurit his house, accompanied by Klitschko bicycle security, but it does not save from Kiev roads, which are not adjusted for two-wheeled transport.
Fall due to the curb

At 9:30 the entrance to the house of Bogdan Khmelnitsky mayor rode a bike in sportswear with his brother Vladimir, and a security guard. Nearby stood a jeep “Toyota”, usually accompanied by Klitschko, as well as two executive cars. The brothers hid in the stairwell, and half an hour later the mayor came out in the suit, sat on the bike and rode. Behind him in the same way the guard moved, and waiting for the car drove off after Vladimir released.

Near the intersection with the street. Vladimir Klitschko stopped at a red light, to green it and the guard moved on a zebra, but at the end of the transition mayor decided to jump on the bike at the curb. In the end, Klitschko fell, flying over the handlebars. Some passers-by, which were many, have rushed to the aid of the mayor, but she did not need. He got up, dusted himself off and went to the side of City Hall.
“The mayor gives away”

“Klitschko on yourself feel what it’s like to drive on the streets of Kiev on the bike - he says” lead “the coordinator of the Association of cyclists Kiev Ksenia Semenova -. But it’s very cool that he decided, five years ago we could not even imagine such”. However, the coordinator of the Association veloshkoly Dmitry Makogon said that Klitschko has violated rules of the road.

“For example, turn to the left, as did the mayor prohibited Just like driving on the sidewalk and transitions -. He had to get off the bike and go” zebra “on foot, but violate all, as we have almost no bicycle infrastructure. Sometimes the roads are not adapted, instead of the right lane, where, according to the rules, should ride bicycles, go for a second -. so safe, “- says Makogon.

According to him, in Kiev are very few bicycle paths, and those that are not always available. “There is a path from m.” Zhytomyr “to m.” Svyatoshino. “But there’s a grandma selling flowers or car park. Continue difficult. However, there is a good route with Troyeshchyna to Trukhanov Island, which was developed by the Association, but this is not enough. for example, nothing is provided in the center to use a bicycle as transportation, not just for a walk, “- says Makogon.

However, even many top managers will be driven on a two-wheeled work - in many cyclists Association of Directors and officers.

21 April 2016

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