Alexander Rogers: General report of the NKVD KGB FSB with GRU

My General, we bear heavy losses. All the victims are characteristic of damage - torn bellies
Odessa Tram captured. The landing of the Buryat grandmothers with slanting and greedy eyes landed successfully, the resistance is suppressed. A few patriots Kiev regime took refuge camouflage net, which continuously weaved past two years. So you can run the hashtag # TramvayNash!
According to intelligence reports the Kiev regime is preparing two retaliatory action:

1. Execution of the tanks of the Crimean parliament.

2. Attack battle ships Donetsk. Submarines will emerge steppes of Ukraine and the north-south Lugansk.
We are also panic, because Turchinov threatens our videoconferencing fire on board the Ukrainian aircraft carrier. There are also two factors of uncertainty:

1. We have no information about the defense-torpedoes.

2. We can not find any Ukrainian aircraft carrier the latest radar or satellite.
And even Ukrainian superspy Motuzyanik opened our test railgun in Debaltsevo. Good thing he does not know that there were 18 trials of the generals of the General Staff, personally Shoigu Putin and two double - all of them were also killed.

Our exploration wondering how you can bear such nonsense, keeping a serious face. While there, the GRU General Staff of the Russian Federation reported that no face, and still the muzzle.

19 April 2016

Cat, who continues to ride the subway.
Klitschko on the way to work fell from the bike and flew over the handlebars

• (He always goes here) The American tried to leave the plane between Houston and Chicago »»»
Passenger liner American Airlines Continental Airlines tried to leave the plane on the way from Houston to Chicago, according to Reuters.
• Kiev: "This pig Putin, we still do not insert" »»»
RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU Ukrainian TV presenter: Putin again rubbing his hands, "a pig Poroshenko he has not enclose.
• Avakov about to launch police patrols in Donetsk and Simferopol »»»
Ukraine is going to start in Donetsk, Lugansk and Simferopol patrol police, said Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.
• Pearl of the ladies' novels »»»
And it is not hard at the mouth, all talking on … But then she felt something that smelled of jealousy.
• Friday: The Rivne young patriot in the embroidery invented bulletproof helmet »»»
He does not fail talents Ukraine. In Rivne 12-year-old patriot in embroidery pasted helmet plasticine pyramids.

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