Cat, who continues to ride the subway.

Unusual passenger Tokyo subway has become the star of Japanese social networks.
Several years ago, it has already been mentioned information about the cat,
who rides the subway. From the time the animal is no longer
be a permanent passenger subway. Metro passengers,
which often occur with a cat in the same car, so far
do not know from where the cat goes and where, but judging by the well-fed appearance
and the collar, the animal has a permanent place of residence.
As they say in social networks cat companions, pet anyone
no screaming and no one complains, occupies only empty seats,
shorter behaves in Japanese delicately and politely.


18 April 2016

Friday: Deputy Saakashvili will go on trial for the penises of the Ukrainian flag
Alexander Rogers: General report of the NKVD KGB FSB with GRU

• Palermo prosecutor's office is investigating the theft of the situation for the virtual house cat on Facebook »»»
Palermo prosecutor’s office investigates the abduction of the situation for a virtual house cat out of the online game on Facebook.
• Perm police officers arrested a cat belonging to the debtor »»»
Bailiffs arrested cat men indebted 120 thousand. Rubles, to motivate them to pay the debt, said the Federal Bailiff Service in the Perm region.
• Tymoshenko in a new image Maria Devi Christos, or glamorous beauty »»»
As social networks react to the next change of the image of Yulia Tymoshenko Viewers of the program amazed hairstyle Tymoshenko.
• The Network ridiculed stern bodyguard riding a roller coaster »»»
Source: top model Lily Aldridge has published the day before in Instagram picture.
• Re-elected mayor of the town of Cat in Alaska. He ruled the city for 15 years »»»
An unusual way to attract tourists, and at the same time once again demonstrate their distrust of all politicians have found the inhabitants of the American city Talkitna Alaska.

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