The site of President of Ukraine there was a petition for the introduction of visa regime for the Dutch

“Svidomo and kastryulegolovye neraby” with Ukraine does not cease to amaze me …
Barely days after the completion of the referendum in the Netherlands, where citizens of the kingdom of the above (according to preliminary results) specifically “shaved” great ukrov and opposed Ukraine’s Association with the European Union as svidomye began cruelly avenge “klyatyh Dutch”.
The official website of the President of Ukraine appeared the electronic petition demanding to introduce a visa regime for the Dutch!


7 April 2016

The Network ridiculed stern bodyguard riding a roller coaster
Bono offered the US Congress to mobilize to fight the IG-known comedians

• Ukraine gathered to enrich the European Union for its "great potential" »»»
Kiev, 23 May. Ukraine can enrich the European Union after the entry into it.
• In the Netherlands, starts the first European trial of Somali pirates. They had come to love this country and did not intend to return to their homeland. »»»
In Rotterdam today begins the first European trial of Somali pirates.
• Petro Poroshenko offered to make an island of Crimea »»»
There was a petition in Crimea, in which it is proposed to make the peninsula an island, a breakthrough channel on the website of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
• Petro Poroschenko bot eine Insel Krim zu machen »»»
Gab es auf der Krim eine Petition, in der vorgeschlagen wird, die Halbinsel eine Insel, einen Durchbruch Kanal auf der Website des Präsidenten der Ukraine Petro Poroschenko zu machen.
• Ukrainians are gathering signatures for the appointment of Tymoshenko's ambassador to Honduras »»»
The site of President Poroshenko appeared electronic petition to appoint a former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko Ukraine's ambassador to Honduras.

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