Zakharov opened “insider” information about the meeting of Lavrov and Kerry (18+)

Maria Zakharova published on his page in the social network a message that shared “insider” information about the speech of the US Secretary of State and head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In Lavrov on a piece of only two words … And we know what)))

In the analysis of the Second World War the US military historians have found a very interesting fact. Namely, the sudden collision with the forces of Japanese Americans, as a rule, make decisions faster - and, as a consequence, even defeated the superior forces of the enemy.

Examining this pattern, the scientists came to the conclusion that the average length of a word from the Americans is 5.2 character, while the Japanese 10.8. Consequently, orders the return goes to 56% less time, which plays an important role in the short battle.

For the sake of “interest” they analyzed the Russian language - and it turned out that the length of the word in the Russian language is 7.2 symbol on the floor (on average), but in critical situations, a Russian command staff goes on profanity - and the word length is reduced to 3.2 characters (!) in a word. This is due to the fact that some of the phrases and even sentences are replaced by a single word.

For an example, the phrase:
32th - command immediately destroy the enemy tank, leading fire on our positions
32nd - e * or on the x * w!

Apparently on a similar principle recorded it with our uncle Lavrov.


25 March 2016

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