Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the Russian embassy and called on Moscow to ensure the protection of diplomatic and consular offices of Ukraine on its territory

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack on a Russian diplomatic and consular offices in the country.

“In connection with inquiries of acts of vandalism against diplomatic institutions of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, pay attention to the relevant application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It was confirmed by the loyalty of our state obligations under international law, marked the definitive inadmissibility of the commission of such illegal acts and the need to bring to justice for it is in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine “, - said the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

Also, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on Moscow to ensure the protection of diplomatic and consular offices of Ukraine on its territory and to prevent misconduct in respect of their representatives and property.

On the night of March 10, a woman and two men thrown into the territory of the Russian embassy in Kiev, three firebombs. Arrived at the scene investigative team when viewed from the territory seized lighter, the remains of glassware, and two bottles of liquid items sent for examination.

Later, the law enforcers have detained these people and after the poll was released.

12 March 2016

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