Citizen of Ukraine Hope Savchenko stopped a hunger strike at the personal request of Petro Poroshenko

Her lawyer Nikolai Polozov said in her decision was influenced by the request of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“Thank God, Nadia Savchenko stopped the hunger strike on its decision was influenced by the request of Petro Poroshenko (President of Ukraine -. RT). And all those who supported her!” - Polozov wrote in his Twitter.

Russian Foreign Minister explained why the defendant was not allowed to Ukrainian doctors.

Russian Foreign Minister in an exclusive interview with REN TV commented on the situation around the trial of Nadia Savchenko. According to Lavrov, to it repeatedly requested to make an exception and let pilots to go on hunger strike Ukrainian doctors.

“Is it true that you had a conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Mr. Klimkin, where you discussed this?”

“Yes, and not a single conversation took place. Pavlo Klimkin called me a few days ago with another request to allow the visit of Ukrainian doctors. I recall that some time ago, such a visit has taken place. Ukrainian doctors examined Hope Savchenko. At that meeting, they were together with her sister . And now, when the news spread about another hunger strike, which Nadezhda Savchenko announced Pavlo Klimkin asked to make another exception, provide contact physicians, though, as he stressed, they understand that the procedures is not completely prohibited. not only ours, but and the whole world, pardon the expression, prison practices. We have reviewed the appeal, sent to the court, which is considering her case, because she is now at the disposal of the court. The judge expressed his willingness, after the meeting on March 9 will be, such contact with the doctors allow, but because in the course of this meeting Nadezhda Savchenko his only aim is to court offense -. could all watch it on TV - we have it “zapikivali” on the air, and “euronews” has decided not to do so, the court found itself has no right to go to any concessions caique. I repeat - in connection with the actions, openly insulted the court itself. And that’s what I Pavel Klimkin, who again called yesterday, expressed regret … calls from Turkey, by the way, where there is a Petro Poroshenko visit. I regret that it happened. Not what he was apologizing for her behavior, but it was clearly understood that in this situation, the defendant, in general, she decided all the issues are not in their favor. Unless, of course, she needed doctors. Because, according to our data, our doctors examine her regularly. I talk with the leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service. They do not have any suspicion that Hope Savchenko terminally ill. It generally feels well, engaged in physical exercise, by the way. I explained Pavel Klimkin everything that they requested, on the basis of humanitarian grounds, have made an exception to our rules, which in these situations apply, but it causes disgusting behavior made it impossible to visit doctors, which we have, in general, agreed ‘ .

10 March 2016

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