Poroshenko gave to charity in five times more than earned

Within two months of 2016 the president spent on charity 58 thousand hryvnia, with the salary of a little more than 11.

President Petro Poroshenko listed 58 thousand hryvnia to pay in their own charitable foundation for two months in 2016. Such information is contained on the use of public funds portal e-data, reports Radio Liberty.

“In January 2016, the state administration, according to the statement, transferred to the account of the charity fund Poroshenko 9354 UAH Another 49 075 UAH were listed in the end of February, the whole at the beginning of the year the president has spent on charity to pay 58429 USD..”, - Stated in the message.

It should be noted, according to the State Administration affairs, Poroshenko salary in January amounted to 11 620 hryvnia.

8 March 2016

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