Bride named Merkel sent a goat Timur in tiger rug (cloven-hoofed Courtship between will be held tomorrow, on March 8)

Goat Merkel, who may become the wife of the well-known to the whole country of Timur, was brought to Vladivostok. She was accompanied on the road owner - farmer Oleg Sirota. His ward, along with other contenders should meet with Timur tomorrow, 8 March. The air LifeNews Sirota said Merkel will win the heart of the groom.

- I have a plan which I stick to - dress a goat in the tiger rug, let the other goats. Goats are afraid of tigers, so they run away and Timur loves tigers. And yet, and the trick - shared farmer.

However, if Merkel does Timur will attract more than other candidates, to remain together for a long time they will not. Kose have to go back to Moscow, where she works at the dairy.

- Most likely, they will have to give up, even in case of victory - said Sirota.

But, in his opinion, it should not be a reason for denying Merkel. He added that he does not consider the distance barrier loving hearts. Oleg Sirota said he intends to discuss with the leadership of the Primorsky safari park option of moving to the capital of Timur region, if it concluded an alliance with Merkel. But the chances of success of this negotiation is small.

7 March 2016

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