Ukraine will create a free trade zone with Africa

This was on Channel 5, said Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Alex Pavlenko, the press-service agency.

“The African continent - one of the most promising in terms of development. Therefore, Ukraine is working to expand exports of agricultural products in the region. Export dynamics of Ukraine in this area is quite high - from 1996 to 2014 the volume of exports increased by 24.3 times - said the Minister .

It is noted that African countries are constantly increasing volume of imports of goods. “Therefore, for Ukraine the most promising food supply,” - said the Minister.

Today, the largest share of Ukrainian agricultural exports to African countries account for grains - wheat, corn, barley and sunflower and soybean oil, residues and waste from the food industry, condensed milk, oilseeds.

It is noted that in 2015, Ukraine has significantly increased exports of value-added products: meat, cheese, and yogurt, butter, products, vegetables, confectionery, water, wine and tobacco.

“The largest trade partners for our exporters of agricultural products are today the countries of North Africa. Here the largest consumer of Ukrainian products is Egypt. In the future we plan to expand cooperation with all countries of the African continent”, - assured the head of the department.

“In particular, we are considering the possibility of introducing a free trade area with the countries of West Africa. After all, here is one of the strongest economies in sub-Saharan Africa - Nigeria. In addition, in Nigeria, Niger, Guinea, Mali, are the markets for the Ukrainian milk powder, and we can intensify this cooperation. If there is established an FTA with ECOWAS, the export of Ukrainian products will increase by several times, “- he stressed the Minister Aleksey Pavlenko.

26 January 2016

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