Old Soviet tram

When I see on the street an old Soviet tram, then immediately ran after him. Well, not the tram, where the rounded shapes and retro imposing, angular and industrial behemoth that not all trams and Holy Russia gantrak. You yourself are seen, if you live far from the capitals - with a thundering monster muzzle roundnose sharks. Yes, and painted it still necessarily in red, the color of Orc. As is well known, so everything goes faster.

Doors at such a tram like the entrance to the shelter. They drive off to the side with a horrible clang like opening the gate to hell or uncork a submarine hatch. Once you understand that, Soviet designers have made this red tram is not to the people was good, and that crimson behemoth, teeth bared, raced on tracks of Europe, crushing their comfort and ungodly boring cars. I am sure that the factory invoice to the machines still rely on a pair of standard guns.

This tram you’re not sitting and dangling from side to side. It seems that the engine replaces the one-legged captain of port “Viscount”, which is like leading a tram in motion. Because of the incredible roar heard nothing - you need to hurry into something to cling to you not to smudge the glass. But in the red tram remained great artifact - it samogreyuschaya sidushka. In the most severe frost when overboard minus thirty, you can get into the tram and feel like a sauna. Heater under each (!) Seats instantly dried sweat and tears, turned out during the working day. Unfortunately, the red monster slowly disappearing from the Russian ruts. In their place come silent modern compositions, where instead of adventure - smiling Controller.

The other day I was just caught up with one of the last Soviet mastodons. I did not want to open the armored hatch - maybe the team did not want a tram to carry passengers. He was just a thrill to be carried on in the midst of a howling iron Chthon neon and expensive cars. They were like a mythical beast, broke into the sterile world of the bourgeoisie and the opposition. Like everyone understands that tram rides on rails, but inside each is afraid that he was going to jump off the beaten track, and finally passing all the villains.

The tram was no one - so the driver spoke to me. It was a woman with a husky voice sea. She was shouting something because of their walls about how great it is to be carried on a multi-ton colossus in the evening, from which the earth itself is shaking. She born a couple of centuries ago, it would have been nice corsair. She was happy and so broke up the tram to the mind-boggling speed. He seemed about to collapse! And rightly so! And when the tram suddenly extinguished lights like perfume car for something angry, typist came from his captain’s bridge. She was kind of a lame woman bandit, who hush tooth and rolled her eyes. She did not have a wooden leg and yards, which could be vzdёrgivat stowaways. Controller, by the way, was there - he was generally on all the shit, he leaned against the glass, and slept. His fingers were filled with ink prison tattoos. A good, probably the supervisor. He’s got a job here is not to take money for the fare. So arranged Holy Russia and tram - you just sit in it and, as in the wild hunt, nesёshsya nowhere. And in interstellar space outside sypyatsya cheerful sparks and frightened motorists fleeing from the mythical monster, painted in red.

Even in the remains of the industry, gradually disappear from the postmodern city remained something eternal and native. In the old Soviet trams sheltered people who are in the good fortune led to the deserts caravans filled with weapons and books. This gloomy gantraki future urban fighting - even if the electricity is shut off, the machine will move to the magic red. I am sure that at night dreaming tram depot as bearded men will suffer to the front line. A small tram fathers tell stories that after the death of a good tram necessarily becomes a barricade.

Do not believe me? And here and take a ride on this tram. Just you understand everything and feel.

22 January 2016

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