(With a smile for the world) A woman asked firefighters to crack chastity belt

The Italian lost the keys to the attribute of loyalty
A resident of the Italian city of Padua in the province of Venice came Wednesday in the firehouse, where asked to pick the lock on her chastity belt, reports today The Telegraph.

The woman did not immediately explain what you want to open. Rescuers decided that the Italian middle age had lost the keys to the apartment. But she showed jumper on the chastity belt, and then it became clear what exactly the problem. “I lost the keys to the castle, and I can not open it,” - he says the woman surprised the rescuers.

Firefighters quickly cracked the iron lock and released the victim. The police asked the woman if it is not forced to wear the belt. It turned out that the Italian put it on their own, and not become a victim of domestic violence.

18 January 2016

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