Times: Ukraine is going to prosperity, while Russian business is getting worse

While the Russian economy is deteriorating more and more, showing signs of stabilization of the Ukrainian and progress, according to a British journalist Roger Boyes. Prosperous Ukraine - the only way to punish Russia for its military action, so the West should not allow Putin to distract yourself on Syria, leaving Kiev in the lurch, he wrote in the pages of Times.

Times columnist Roger Boyes is confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now “playing” on the fact that the West began to forget about Ukraine. According to the journalist, the Western countries “must stand united for Kiev and discard the strategy of the Cold War,” the Russian leader.

Thus, the developments in Syria ceased to be interesting for all the fate of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, who is now awaiting his sentence in a Russian prison. And, by the way, for the sake of serving in the army at age 16, she left the school, having served in Iraq, became the first woman to wean the Kharkiv Air Force University. And that’s it for political purposes, was accused of the murder of two Russian journalists, the authors explain.

Although lawyers Savchenko provided evidence of its innocence, they do not rule out that she was sentenced to 25 years in prison. But on the other hand, it is possible that it will hold on as the “ace in the hole,” as both “captive” - ​​Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsova. When Putin decides it’s time to go to Kiev in the world, he can arrange for “the exchange-style Cold War.” But as long as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is frozen, Moscow is more convenient to conduct the war in Syria. And everyone forgot about Savchenko commented Boyes.

The question of what will happen next, it is vitally important not only for the Ukrainian pilots, but also for the whole of Europe. Some believe that the Russian side should not expect deterioration of the situation in Ukraine is already coming spring. After all, Putin crook does not want to give even stronger Kiev closer to the West, and knows that any military action is best done in the last year of his presidency of the American leader Barack Obama, who does not like to fight.

But there is another possibility. “Despite all this Slavic policy under the balalaika strumming, sentimental speech Putin’s spiritual significance of Kievan Rus, it is still more concerned about the expansion of NATO, and not the way to get their hands on Ukraine.” What is the difference that this expansion started because of the policy of the Russia: Putin’s strategic goal - to change the geopolitical balance of power, contain and divide the West, says the journalist.

Ukrainian and frozen conflict gives him all the conditions for that: Russia can “warm up” the fighting at any time when she did not like it too close relationship of Kiev with its Western partners. And there is nothing more unattractive for clubs like the EU and NATO, than the idea that the new member “can arrange a skirmish in the lobby.”

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15 January 2016

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