(Harmful) In Iraq, insurgents staged IG public flogging for the use of the dollar

Militants “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia) staged in Mosul Iraqi public flogging traders demanded to make payments in US dollars instead of local currency -dinare reports ABNA News.

About 90 shop owners and their employees who refused to sell goods for a penny, gathered in the city center in front of hundreds of people. Jihadists LIH each of the guilty have caused 50 lashes, a local activist said on condition of anonymity.

Dollar attracted the attention of local entrepreneurs after the dinar exchange rate began to plummet.

IG captured Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, in June 2014. In the controlled territories in Syria and Iraq, the leaders of the radical organization introduced a series of strict rules for the locals - in particular, introduced a dress code requiring all men to wear beards, and women - the veil. In addition, it introduced a ban on the payment of foreign currency.

Violation of these and other regulations provide for corporal punishment, which is determined by the degree of severity of the infraction.

13 January 2016

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