Artemy Lebedev - “For one dollar yield is now 76 rubles.”

For one dollar yield is now 76 rubles. (Well, dick knows, maybe while I’m writing these words, has allowed 80.)
If a couple of years ago it was possible to travel to Europe to save, today once again think - and whether to drink a cup of coffee for 500, bitch fucking rubles? Until recently Hotels of $ 100 seemed a viable option, but now it klopovnik baryzhat eight pieces! Not long ago completely pointless and inexperienced students came to ask for a salary of $ 2,000, but now they get their legitimate dick on the snout.
And I remembered the days of the USSR. A normal citizen salary was US $ 20. And in the early ’90s for a couple of thousand dollars could buy an apartment in Moscow.
And I thought of all the inhabitants of megacities in Russia. Suddenly, they have recently become millionaires. Each of your fucking old barn within the Garden Ring could get a million dollars and go all over the world to spend money until the end of life. Each loudmouth who had inherited dvushka in Khruschovka could declare himself daunshifterom, rent an apartment for 1,000 Bachey friend kreaklu and fly smoking plan and plunger chakras in Goa.
And I remembered that in American cinema is sometimes a movie protagonists chased for 10 000 dollars, and our audience choked with laughter - it is necessary, as they need little to be excited.
We are approaching a new era spravdlivosti. Money must again hard to earn. And abroad again became inaccessible road.
And all the young people who thought that their parents work in the factory and in the hospital for a pittance. All these young people got a little life lesson. Soon we will meet copywriters-cloakroom.

12 January 2016

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