(The cat threw kittens) WP: The failures of electricity in Ukraine US blamed Russian hackers

American experts believe that the virus, which has caused many hours of power outages in the Ukraine in late December, similar to the programs that were used during the cyber attacks on the systems of NATO and Western governments in 2013. It gives them a reason to conclude that these attacks from Russian hackers are to blame, writes the Washington Post.
WP: In the electricity outages in Ukraine US blamed Russian hackers
In the US Office of National Security examined the computer code that became probably the cause of the first in the history of cyber attacks that caused the power outage. It occurred on December 23 in the central and western part of Ukraine, and lasted for several hours. According to Kiev, suffered tens of thousands of people, writes Washington Post.

The United States has not yet given any official comment, but the publication cites the opinion of independent experts who had access to the materials. “This is a turning point,” - said the head of the company kiberrazvedki iSIGHT John Haltkuist. US officials, in turn, is closely studying all the data and analyze whether it is possible to prevent the accident.
As soon as it happened, the Ukrainian side has blamed the Russian government. Halkuist admits that his company sees the link between the virus that was used at that time, and those programs that operated during the campaign of cyber attacks against NATO and European governments in 2013. Those attacks, as the newspaper writes, committed by a group of Russian hackers SandWorm, whose interests coincide with the interests of the Russian authorities.
According to iSight, they recorded cases of attacks on computer systems SandWorm Ukrainian government, telecommunications and energy sphere of Ukraine. All this gives Halkuistu reason to believe that the current attack on the power grid is of Russian origin.
However, other researchers prefer to wait with the findings. Thus, an expert on industrial systems of protection against cyberattacks Robert Lee warns that in order to identify the source of the attack, it takes effort and time. According to him, the virus, which deal analysts did not cause interruption to the power grid, but rather allows access to the system and tracks. A source of information about the accident, experts do not possess.
Cyber ​​attacks on key infrastructure spend is difficult for them to plan need a lot of time. But if they succeed, they bring great material damage. However, Ukrainian experts have called an accident not too deliberate. Russian hackers have shown that they have an interest to feel the strength of industrial systems, but sometimes these actions send a specific signal. “They just want us to know that they are here”, - quotes the words of Washington Post one of the experts on cyber defense

7 January 2016

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