Angela Merkel: “I can no longer communicate with Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk”

“In an interview with our correspondent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel commended the impartial senior officials of Ukraine - President and Prime Minister of this country” - transfers radioizdanie German SWR.

“In particular, Frau Chancellor said that the president of Ukraine Poroshenko, almost daily trying to reach her, and almost always in a state of intoxication. A spokesman for Ulrich Wilhelm, who was present at the interview said that Ukrainian President ceased to communicate with the Chancellor of Germany in October 2015 Year because of his addiction, but calls drunken Poroshenko demanding tie it with Angela Merkel does not stop almost any day.

“Unfortunately, the inability to engage in constructive dialogue with the current Ukrainian government is not only Petro Poroshenko,” - said Angela Merkel - “and the second person in Ukraine - Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who is frank delirium all related issues - from economic, to the political. It seems that he does not have any education, and he just got out of the sandbox. ”

“Features such actions of the Ukrainian authorities from the mouth of our esteemed Chancellor explains the need for” the North Stream-2 “, is not it?” - Appeals leading to his listeners.

25 December 2015

The new head of Barnaul from the “United Russia” has lost the election to a cat online
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• Airport Vladivostok banned Western politicians to shop in duty free »»»
The international airport of Vladivostok there was an announcement that the online duty free shops will not serve the first of foreign public officials.
• Washington Times: Labrador Connie put her nose in the German-Russian relations »»»
In today's hard-liners Berlin towards Moscow fault … Labrador Koni.
• Poroshenko would like to see fellow fighter Saakashvili Zghuladze head of police in Ukraine »»»
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said he wanted to see the head of the reformed police such a specialist, as the current first deputy minister of Internal Affairs Eka Zguladze.
• D.Peskov: Efforts to reduce the number of flashing lights will finish »»»
Efforts to reduce the number of flashing lights is and will be completed.
• Yatsenyuk spoke about Poroshenko in the "Twitter" in the style of Klitschko »»»
Subscribers Ukrainian prime minister has not been able to understand what is devoted to the strange position in his account.

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