The new head of Barnaul from the “United Russia” has lost the election to a cat online

On Friday, December 25, Barnaul City Council has chosen a new City Manager. They found Sergey Dugin, head of the main department of the Altai Territory of labor and social protection. He was supported by the “United Russia“. However, in Internet voting, he lost cat Barsiku with a margin of 70 times.
In total there were five candidates, but especially the struggle between them was not. Dugin has won by a large margin, receiving 26 votes. He has already commented on the results of the vote, promising to work in his new post on 14 hours a day.

According to the regional correspondent of Kommersant, the contract will be signed with Dugin to October 2017, ie until the end of the work of this convocation city council. After that, the head of Barnaul will choose from the candidates selected by a special committee jumping, and he will also replace the post of governor.

In one of the most popular regional “public” (communities) VKontakte Altai Online Today this message is displayed:

“Today barnaultsy appointed a new head of the city administration. However, it is now clear that significant changes in the life of Barnaul is hardly worth the wait. About any new feedback mechanisms between the authorities and residents of the city so we did not hear, and therefore, the power and then continue to work in the usual for her behind closed doors. Unfortunately, in this sense, our city is not much different from similar towns across the country. “

25 December 2015

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