(Rzeczpospolita Rzhach) Lithuanian comedians mocking recorded video of the Poles

“He was a normal student until he was bitten by a Pole. He” Man-Pole “- said in a short video, posted on YouTube Lithuanian comedian. So the past ridiculed Polish nationalists who dream of the return of Warsaw” Crecy “, that is, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Lithuanian land that once held the Rzeczpospolita.

It should be noted that the portal Kresy.pl reports high popularity humiliating video in Poland itself.

Many Polish commentators on YouTube Lithuanians appreciated the joke a very peculiar way, leaving a lot of comments in the style of “Lithuanian ham - on his knees in front of the Polish Pan” and “Polish Wilno.”

Recall, after the election victory of the Polish nationalists to form a new government in Warsaw, the EU expressed concern about the actions of Poland.

“If now the Polish government will have an influence on justice and the media, the EU has not only the right but also the duty to” intervene “in the situation, to stop this trend,” - said Jean Asselborn, Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, currently chairing the EU.

24 December 2015

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