Majlis complained about the pressure of France in connection with the energy blockade of Crimea

One of the leaders of the unrecognized Crimean Tatar Mejlis Lenur Islyamov said the pressure of the international community in connection with the energy blockade of Crimea. This he told the TV channel “112 Ukraine“.

“So how does the Crimea is now brewing humanitarian disaster, so Dzhemilev and Chubarov (leaders of the Majlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov - a comment.” Heathcliff! “) Is not very strong pressure from the authorities of Ukraine, it is a different story, but with the international community - France almost Majlis announces a terrorist organization “, - he said, noting that” the European partners do not understand us until the end. ”

Islyamov also said that as soon as it is sent from Kiev to Kherson region to explain the situation to the participants of the blockade in place.

Earlier on Monday, December 7 in a banned extremist group in Russia “Right Sector” (PS), which is also taking part in the blockade of the peninsula, have rebelled majlis intentions to resume the supply of electricity in the Russian region. “We understand the position of both the authorities and the organizers of the blockade on economic cooperation and trade with the enemy. These actions are a betrayal of the public interest” - said radicals.

In addition, the PS promised that if the power supply is restored, the organization immediately cease its participation in the blockade of the peninsula, leaving the rights to the blockade in its own format.

7 December 2015

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