Far away

In neighboring galaxy exploded supernova (SN). The reaction of the world:

Russia 24: Invite Astrophysics for the story of the CH-X
CNN: Answers to questions how to do SN in the backyard for the Self.
Apple: Released app “Light CH!” for $ 999.99
Google: Released App “Redeem CH from Apple!” for $ 999.98
Xiaomi: Released app “Light CH - CH repay the” two in one for $ 499.00
State Department: Russia’s involvement is not revealed yet, but we will be closely
to monitor the situation.
Pentagon: Sent one corvette in the South China Sea and has asked Congress
increase in military spending.
Paris: Expressed concern.
London expressed concern.
British scientists: Calculate that if you put a hamster in a 100 thousand. Feet from the center
CH something from him there is nothing left.
Germany to Dr. Merkel said that the explosion of heart failure is a violation of Minsk
arrangements, so sanctions against Russia to save.
Poland: In connection with the explosion of heart failure, sanctions against Russia should be strengthened.
Ukraine: Explosion CH - Russia cynical attempt to divert the attention of the world
from the public in Ukraine and demanded new loans.
Lithuania, Latvia: Explosion CH - new evidence of Russian aggression, we asked
create three American bases on its territory.
LIH: claimed responsibility for the bombing and threatened CH such acts in all capitals
Estonia Taleko-oh-oh-oh …

24 November 2015

Australian police are looking for drunken drivers and fastened table [table - not a luxury but a means of transportation]
“Caring for the environment” (US told why refused to bomb the oil base IG)

• Funny \ Equipment Find the cause of the explosion rocket Falcon-9 »»»
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin urged the US to reconsider its position on sanctions against the Russian Space Agency.
• Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demands from Austria explanations about Vladimir Putin's visit and recommends to the Austrian partners to be "very careful in choosing their strategic interlocutors" »»»
Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Lubkivskyy notes that the Foreign Ministry
• Estonian minister spoke about the Russian tanks containing »»»
The Minister of Defence of Estonia, Mart Laar, answering questions from readers portal DELFI, spoke about the possibilities of the Estonian Army to repel a possible attack from Russia.
• The experimenter climbed into a rubber balloon with water »»»
The web grows a new viral video from the duo of British experts in slow motion Gavin Free and Daniel Rooks, calling themselves The Slow Mo Guys.
• En Ouganda, la bombe non explosée a été utilisé comme une cloche de l'école »»»
Sans le savoir, l’enseignant d’une des écoles primaires en Ouganda dans les trois ans de la bombe de mortier non explosés utilisé comme une cloche.

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