Council of Muftis of Russia said Naila Mustafina account hacking

Twitter-account Vologda Imam Naila Mustafina hacked, said on the air, “Russian news serviceDeputy Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council Rushan Abbyasov. According to him, the controversial post about the plane crash A321 accommodate Mustafin.

“We address a letter came from the Muslim community of Vologda, where passed an internal investigation of the matter. It was confirmed that this post did not put himself Mustafin. Someone hacked into the account. Now this issue will engage the investigating authorities”, - said Abbyasov.

In his opinion, this was done for the sake of discrediting the Muslim community in Russia. “The work of the Vologda community is satisfactory in all respects. Detractors in the community is always there. Especially now, when so acute topic LIH and radicalism. We call on society to succumb to provocations and to follow our official information,” - said the deputy chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia.

October 31 on Twitter Vologda Imam Naila Mustafina appeared commentary on the collapse of the Russian aircraft in the Sinai Peninsula, “How they appeared in Egypt, when he was commander of all rest in the Crimea? Now will demand more compensation for their sabotage.”

2 November 2015

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