Friday Yumorok: Notes of a Ukrainian nationalist from the Crimea (Translation Language Society)

These notes are risking their lives were taken from the territory occupied Crimea. Despite the occupation, in the Crimea beats fire resistance. Reading these notes, it is impossible to hold back the tears

09/20/2015 Blockade

Today began the blockade. Upon learning this news in the market, I flew home on wings. I ran home and cried: “Ukraine has blocked the Crimea! Soon we will have nothing to eat !!!” Mother sat down and wept. His father stood up and looked at the portrait hanging on the wall of our president and said, “I believe! I knew it! Motherland has not forgotten us !!!” Lying on the couch Granddaddy whispered, “waited” - his cheek a tear glass. Andrey whined: “And sho, yogurts will no longer ?!” - but Dad gave him a slap and he fell silent.


Gone shopping. No bread, no milk, cereals snapping up last. I met a girlfriend, we hugged her and wept with joy. Are we really will soon start to starve? Hurry! Folder climbed onto the roof and secured at the top of yellow-Blakytny Prapor.


For lunch every mother gave two soup spoons and a spoonful of barley porridge. She said that products need to save. I could not resist and asked whether we have food left nothing at all? Mama said: “Yes, docha” - her eyes glistened with tears. They were tears of happiness. At night, I snuck into the pantry and pulled out a package with cereals and drowned him in a toilet. We should help the motherland!


I was hungry the first faint. I just could not believe his luck. At lunch everyone got on potato and a piece of bacon the size of a matchbox. Andrey whined: “Do I want to!” - My mother three times he sang the national anthem of Ukraine.


My father and I with other true patriots of Ukraine went to the border. In the hands of my father and carried placards reading “Thank you, Ukraine, with the blockade!” Which drew all night. We shouted our gallant across the border blockade, “That’s right, boys! Do not remove the blockade! We very soon will have nothing to eat! Heroes of glory!”


Father Andrey found a chocolate wrapper. Chocolates he gave occupiers Muscovites. And he took it. My God, what a shame. Father whipped traitor.


At lunch everyone got a mug of hot water. The stores have nothing. On the market there was one dill. The blockade works! In the evening, grandpa asked everyone to gather in his room and asked him to open the trunk. There we found a uniform cornet UPA battle flag and the German machine. “Swear that bury me in this uniform, with a gun, covered with the flag” - ordered his grandfather. We all swore ………

23 October 2015

Naftogaz said that gas consumption is reduced due to the weather
Again Pu fault))) Kiev “Dynamo” spoke about Russia’s role in the incident in the game with “Chelsea”

• Russians are advised to get permission to travel to the Crimea at the Ukrainian authorities »»»
Get permission from the authorities in Ukraine to enter the Crimea recommended Russian citizens Russian Consumer Rights Protection Society (OZPP).
• Letter to the Minister of Defense »»»
Dear Mr. Minister! I - a resident of the Sverdlovsk region, I am 24 years old, I married a widow 40 years, which has a 20-year-old daughter.
• Ukraine wants to put Berlusconi in jail for visiting Crimea »»»
Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal case against former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
• Majlis complained about the pressure of France in connection with the energy blockade of Crimea »»»
One of the leaders of the unrecognized Crimean Tatar Mejlis Lenur Islyamov said the pressure of the international community in connection with the energy blockade of Crimea.
• (House N -6) The blockade of the Crimea? Russian warships arrived to Mariupol »»»
Russian Black Sea Fleet warships demonstratively came to Mariupol, according to the portal "Mariupol News", citing data from "Defence Staff" of the city.

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