Naftogaz said that gas consumption is reduced due to the weather

“Naftogaz” said that as a result of raising the temperature outside, the scope is to reduce the use of gas.

The average for the needs of the population CTV last week spent nearly 19 million cubic meters. meters of gas per day. And for the past 7 days (from 5 to 11 October) is almost three times less. Representatives of the company believe that in many regions of Ukraine in connection with the warming is not a crime to reduce the flow of heat. In addition, representatives of “Naftogaz” to receive complaints from residents of the country, that the apartment is too stuffy, so much so that we have to open the windows. Recall that not so long ago the National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz” has paid fully with JSC “Ukrgasdobycha” over the past few years. In addition there was a charge of gas in the present hour is used population.

21 October 2015

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