Authorities in Moscow want to get rid of the barbecue "anti-Soviet"

Prefect of the Northern District of Moscow Mitvol pobeschal that the 65 th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, Moscow will be met without barbecue "anti-Soviet." This September 17 Ekho Moskvy.

Mitvol said that to close this institution "as simply" the authorities can not, but the owners of Cafe go in history "and explaining to them the unacceptability of such attitude to the memory of veterans." According to the prefect, with a complaint on the name of the cafe located on Leningrad Prospekt, the city council asked the chassis area veterans' organizations.

Owners barbecue already complained to the pressure from the council. In addition, they have received from the metropolitan committee on advertising a letter demanding to remove the sign for it. One of the founders of the institution Eugene Ostrovsky linked this activity with the campaign. Ostrovsky said that changing the name of barbecue owners do not intend, and are prepared to "sue and as far as they try to defend themselves through the press."

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