Newspaper "Izvestia" has collected gems from the summary of applicants from which employers are laughing to tears.

It is clear that the time is difficult, they need money at any cost, but some want to get a position simply strike with their spontaneity. Someone wants to be "leader of top managers," someone "assistant to whom do nothing," someone "naSalnikom construction site" (hereinafter spelling retained. - "The News"), someone "Internet -otpravschikom "(the person who sends the files over the Internet and displays them on the site"), but someone did and desperate to find a job now, "which will take, and will go there." The crisis has affected the careers of many. One girl in the column "reason for dismissal" frankly admitted that she "resigned at the request of their own volition."

Although the new rules of the Russian language differ democratic, applicants manage to avoid mistakes. Pearls abound resume the post of Secretary. Position, seem to suggest an excellent knowledge of Russian language. Nevertheless, a common mistake candidates: "sekrItar. One girl told me that "involved in reproduction," meaning copying. Distributed to applicants as - "gramMAtnaya speech" and "mEnEdzhEr. There are also unique errors like "tYkila" and "Who nEkabelny." But outdid all the young man, a student at the lawyer. In three sentences he managed to have 7 errors. For myself, this scholar said that he "mobilIn", "Accepted is not no alcoholic, not narkAticheskie substances" and "light zanEmalsya Otletikoy."

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• 100 things I do when I'm big boss. »»»
100 things I do when I’m big boss. 1. At my staff will clear salary schemes that all was clear to whom and for what pay the money.
• Summary of alcohol use by countries of the world »»»
Data for 2004. A sort of global picture of alcoholism.
• Japanese journalist ridiculed Zakharov of "loss of grip" and a diplomatic gaffe: the internal instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to the newspaper in a newspaper with a very brief "interview not to give!" »»»
"Among Japan's major newspaper publications especially it takes an extreme position.
• Collection of SMS every day and every case »»»
Mobile communication is firmly and irrevocably entered our lives. And how could we not swearing on their handsets, they say, calls often prevents us, is to forget your phone at home, feel not so comfortable.
• In Kiev, the Embassy of Russia drove an armored car. Diplomats deny all »»»
On Wednesday night in Kiev at about 19:30 on the prospectus of the Victory was seen this armored car.

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