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On the Day of the dialectical unity and struggle of opposites in Russia: its government and people, when citizens organized, protected and with the complicity of the guardians of law and order, peaceful stroll in the streets of its cities, I would like to speculate about the great and universal, no, not the Russian government and on Google.
Tell me, for mercy, if Google provides us with services, unbelievable, but does not ask us for money in their pay, which is the real source of income google Almighty?
Contextual advertising and other? Pipes! I guessed on the sources of revenue, observing the work of the Russian government.
When we enter a search query, you think everything happens automatically? Naive!
This set of employees urgently looking for an answer
And so, a source of income - employment!
Further-more. But does the company do not pay their employees, you ask? And yes. and no.
If you bought the crust of a prosecutor or a judge, a clerk, you get the right to provide services to the public for a fee!
So organized and arranged employment.
It is - true freedom! Public service as a form of self-organized. “The gun, we’ll give you. A further twist as you want” (c)
Fee? In general, it is possible there would have been completely without it, but it is more convenient to collect funds for the costs. There’s nothing to be done about that.

12 June 2012

F5.RU: Ode to tristatysyachnyh fines
British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife lost a daughter Nancy’s eight-year beer

• Hamsters are caught in the spam Google with Gmail-account »»»
Some users of Gmail to Google accused of using their accounts to send spam.
• Google launched an 8-bit version of the Google Maps »»»
In Google Maps, a new kind of viewing card - 8-bit.
• Google lanciert einen 8-Bit-Version der Google Maps »»»
In Google Maps, eine neue Art von Anzeigen-Karte - 8-bit. Gezeichnet eine Menge Sehenswürdigkeiten.
• Hamster sind in der Spam Google mit Google Mail-Konto erwischt »»»
Einige Benutzer von Google Mail an Google zu verwenden ihre Konten zum Versenden von Spam beschuldigt.
• Google a lancé une version 8-bits de la carte Google Maps »»»
Dans Google Maps, un nouveau type de carte de visualisation - 8-bit.

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