Good business: Kiev officials illegally accrued a prize of 10 thousand hryvnia and paid for it with a fine of 850 hryvnia.

According to the SBU, Obolonskiy district court fined 850 hryvnia chairman of the Podolsk district state administration of Kyiv Eugene Romanenko for illegally charging a Christmas bonus equivalent to a monthly salary - more than ten thousand hryvnia.

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Newspaper "Izvestia" has collected gems from the summary of applicants from which employers are laughing to tears.

• Poroshenko gave to charity in five times more than earned »»»
Within two months of 2016 the president spent on charity 58 thousand hryvnia, with the salary of a little more than 11.
• Mayor of Kiev made a paid entrance to the cemetery »»»
Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky signed a decree according to which the city put in charge of the cemetery entrance to the city, said his deputy Vitaly Zhuravskii.
• Syktyvkar court did not consider the phrase "smart-ass bureaucrats" insulting »»»
March 3 in his Internet blog Sazhin left a note in which he accused the administration of the city in speculation in the project "Affordable Housing".
• Court decision on cleaning up the streets from snow was made in May - the snow has melted itself »»»
Dolzhansky district court granted the request of heads of rural settlements in the district postpone the execution of the March court decision on clearing streets of snow until May.
• Mayor of Kiev sacked the director of the zoo for the fact that an elephant "of his wife was 30 years »»»
Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky said that the dismissed director of a city zoo for having failed to ensure elephant eating and did not find him a girlfriend.

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