Russian gays plan out their activities in the 100 years before (The following year, sexual minorities hold a rally on the day of presidential elections)

Organizers of the gay parade in Moscow on August 23 advised the Metropolitan Municipality of scheduled in the next hundred years, promotions, the website GayRussia.

In the Moscow city government and police department filed a notice of the capital stock to be held in the period from 2012 to 2112. According to the organizers, all shares will be held at the Swamp area. In the process of filing notices work receive window documentation Hall was paralyzed for almost an hour.

For example, in the period from 2013 to 2112 shares of gay activists will be held in the coming May 27 to Saturday, and in 2012 the shares to be held on March 4 and May 27. March 4 was chosen as the estimated date of presidential elections in Russia, May 27 - the day the decriminalization of homosexuality in the Soviet Union.

Nikolai Alexeyev, the organizer of the Moscow gay pride parades, said that to apply for a hundred years ahead of his followers allowed them found a loophole in the law of the capital. Act of 2000 requires that notice of the action was filed not later than 30 or 45 days before the event. The maximum permissible early law does not define the term.

Previously, none of the shares of the Moscow gay has not been resolved by the City. The activists of the gay movement challenged the ban in the European Court of Human Rights and won compensation, like

23 August 2011

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• The new Mayor will choose St. Petersburg. Medvedev took the decision to return to the popular election of the first persons in the regions »»»
President Dmitry Medvedev went to meet Moscow’s social organizations, demanding free elections of the mayor.
Presnensky district court in Moscow arrested an opposition activist organization “Other Russia” Ruslan Khubaeva and Cyril Unchuka detained in the capital on March 23.
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CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov not sure of the victory of Vladimir Putin’s presidential election.
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“The party of the case” is going in the event of successful registration to participate in elections to the Duma.
• Lipetsk-homosexual protesters prepare to hear the verdict, they face a fine or compulsory labor »»»
Homosexual activists October 26 picketed with flags near the monument to the founders of Lipetsk.

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