As Vladimir Putin prepares to Sept. 1 Dr. Onishchenko and cop Kir'yanova

- How much and in what time frame will allow the vaccination of children? - Asked the Prime Minister.

- There are approved schedule, - nodded Gennady Onishchenko .- There is a group of risk, which should be fully immunized.

It was found that the risk group in Russia - a large population of European countries: 6.6 million children from 3 to 10 years plus people over 60.

- There are 20.2 million (ie it has a large population of the South American country .- AK) - he explained .- But that seasonal vaccination (ie, from the ordinary flu .- AK). Our science and production carried out between those clinical trials, which are made from a strain of H1N1. We will start production in October. Decided to produce 40 million doses of vaccine from the pandemic strain …

Gennady Onishchenko, suddenly worried. He explained how much will depend on whether, once a person will have to vaccinate or two. He said that "pessimistic scenario" swine flu will be vaccinated 40 million people in the country.

- According to our national requirements, - he continued - to 40% of the population in the first year of the pandemic to reach. Are working with the regions, with business, to those categories for which the federal budget is not responsible, inculcated through entities and businesses. This is not charity.

- Work carried out most - the prime minister said - and the information you reported is interesting. But I am not satisfied with your answer.

- So, so …- said Gennady Onishchenko, and the expression on his face did not bode well - he himself first and foremost.

- I would like to hear how much in percentage terms and in what time frame we will do vaccinations - did not allow him to continue Prime .- So you say, we are working with the regions, with the business. We must be clear …

- So, so …- again said Gennady Onishchenko.

- What specifically will assume regions …- continued the Premier.

- So …- reiterated his medical officer.

- And what exactly happens in the economy. We need results, not process.

- The result is as follows: approximately 30% of the population will be covered by vaccination, - Gennady Onishchenko has finally also managed to participate in the conversation.

- When?

- 27 million root in October. In November and December will cover another 20 million have active vaccine. And January-February-March, we reach 40 million

Circle. Gennady Onishchenko was difficult to confuse. Especially when he did not have something solid performances.

But the conversation with Mr Onishchenko faded against the background of the conversation with the chief state inspector of road safety Viktor Kir'yanova. This conversation began with, making him the agency for the safety of children.

- And where do you see room for their service? - Expanded the question Prime .- What has been done? As it should be?

- I would like to appeal to the heads of federal entities, - said Mr. Kir'yanov .- Today, too much depends on them …

- No-no-no! - Interrupted his prime .- Oops I am not about them. Until they turn comes (at the meeting were a few governors whose regions were poorly prepared for the new school year .- AK). Now about you, about your service and about your staff.

- Well, federal program - it also contributed to security - slowly began to explain Victor Kiryanov .- We are now in some areas have reduced funding. We would not like that we once again returned to the consideration, and may be … is the most … not touch the FTP. But we are again pushing to subjects of the federation continued this work … In any.

- Specifically: what is at stake? - Asked the Prime Minister.

- Well, take, for example, pedestrian crossings … Take … is the most … lighting … At this very … Take this thing, another component, - explained Victor Kiryanov.

- Well, - he sighed Prime .- I am talking about the organization of work directly STSI. Your service. Transitions, lighting - all these things are understandable, that we should pay attention …

- Well if we talk about our service, - said Victor Kiryanov - that since 2007, operates your commission on the national traffic police, which, of course, does not allow me to work as desired.

- What does it explain …- looked at him prime minister.

Victor Kiryanova finally managed to surprise, Vladimir Putin.

- This … This is to ensure oversight responsibilities for road safety to the extent that allows it to do today … this thing!

- That is necessary to increase the competence? - With his last strength tried to understand what it was about, the Prime Minister.

In the end, already made the claim personally to the Prime Minister, whose decision not present a comprehensive Viktor Kiryanova. Although not impossible, in fact, he had in mind that this is not done. And that's what makes him turn around. But no one knows what he had in mind Viktor Kiryanov.

- No, no, no! - He assured Prime Minister .- It should be easy to match, this thing with your request … that today is …

- What you need to match? - Nervously asked the Prime Minister.

- Make a normal supervisory body! - Victor Kiryanov seemed surprised that the Prime something misunderstood.

- And now it is abnormal?

- And now he is crazy, of course!

- What is missing?

- Not enough top-down system to work, - a tired voice, Mr. Kir'yanov.

- So what, exactly? What should work, then? - Still asking Vladimir Putin.

- Supervising the work! Vladimir Vladimirovich! This is … Lies in the fact that this thing we could, if policies are building here, then it should go and bottom. Before the subjects of the federation. And now it turns out not so.

- That is, you still do not have enough competence as an oversight body? So? - Already, in my opinion, the threat said the Premier.

- Yes! - Relieved confirmed Viktor Kiryanov.

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