Customers diamond jewelry company threw in the trash

The owner of one of the Dutch jewelry companies in honor of the anniversary of his company decided to make a surprise to customers and sent them a congratulatory letter. In 200 of 4 thousand envelopes were the small diamond, and the rest was tsyrkon - precious stone, like a diamond. Jeweller expected to hear from happy customers thanks to your address, but when he phoned and wrote only a few people, he decided to ring up customers. It was found that the majority received envelopes thrown them, not even open.

18 May 2010

The cartridges from Kalashnikov assault rifles found in pasta shop in Yekaterinburg
In the center of Moscow with the permission of the authorities held a rally in defense of the corrupt

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In New York, the dog ate the diamond jewelry worth 20 thousand dollars.
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A resident of Novosibirsk region has received a parcel from the UK, in which, instead of trendy gadget iPad2 were several common stones in their original packaging from Apple.
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They curse and hate, burn and remove, and spit at them and insulted.
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Ambiguous dialogue between customers and designers, fantasy and comments of customers.

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