Festive divination

Soon, soon the New Year, folk traditions spomnim! Divination, rituals, omens, charms, magical rituals for health and wellbeing. For our men - just in case;) plot potency. Adjusting the angle. Correction time potency. Ladies - for you. Crystal-gazing, fortune-telling on the ice, on the ring …

26 December 2009 | conspiracy, divination, divination, health, male, potency, tradition

German physicists have calculated the speed of Santa Claus
Sani Santa Claus exploded during takeoff

• Give fortune: predictors of making money on the crisis »»»
Specialists in otherworldly affairs in Russia over the past year, and a half times more than usual.
• In Ulyanovsk, the driver "Gazelle" was accused of driving at a speed of 233 km / h »»»
In Ulyanovsk driver "Gazelle" tried to impose a fine for driving with the speed of a racing car.
• British researchers found that men think about sex 4 745 times per year »»»
Onepoll.com British research company conducted a survey of 3 thousand people, to find out how often men and women think about sex.
• In Uganda, the unexploded bomb was used as a school bell »»»
Without knowing it, the teacher of one of Uganda’s primary schools within three years of unexploded mortar bomb used as a bell.
• Canadian mathematicians have announced a coin toss dishonest »»»
Coin coins does not guarantee the decision-making at random, because leaves no room for fraud.

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