German physicists have calculated the speed of Santa Claus

Physicists from the scientific and entertainment center in Wolfsburg Phaeno calculated the speed with which to move Santa Claus or Father Christmas, that for one night to bestow gifts of all German children, says Spiegel.
The calculations used the following data: in Germany live okolo11 million children under the age of 15 years. The country area is 357 thousand square kilometers, populated with only a small part, the rest falls on the roads, forests and fields.

On average, it turns out that the house in which children live, waiting for presents for Christmas, located every 62 meters. Thus, Santa Claus must cover a distance of 682 thousand kilometers.

High-speed train ICE that required a whole year, but Santa Claus at the disposal of the whole day, so he must move on his sleigh at a speed of 28,416 kilometers per hour.

This partly explains why Santa Claus has not been seen: at this speed, it is simply impossible - and why he has a red nose: it arises from the strongest tensions on the air. In principle, say physics, with such speed and friction Santa Claus was supposed to ignite, but probably it is protected by its special red suit.

Assuming that each child Santa Claus will give at least ten bars of chocolate, his sleigh must carry a million pounds of gifts - this is where some 150 large cargo containers. In order to move the sled from the place, you will need a minimum of two diesel locomotives, but because Santa Claus does not travel on the locomotives, the harness must run a minimum of 3000 deer.

Physicists dispelled the myth that Santa Claus is urged by his deer screaming “Ho, ho, ho!”. Speed sled at 23 times the speed of sound, so the cry of Santa Claus could never reach the ears of animals, which by this time will be far ahead.

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