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Top 1 of! When designing the car “Victory” was planned that the name of the machine will be “Homeland.” Learning of this, Stalin sarcastically asked: “So how do we have a homeland?” Name the car immediately changed.

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“The Communists of St. Petersburg”: UFOs over the Kremlin just wanted to free the captives socialist aliens
Webcams Hewlett-Packard was accused of racism

• IBM has not learned lessons from cologne BBC? Of course the same - "In the machine language!" »»»
Only just getting ICQ: immediately go to the right there http://www.
• Aliens from the future they will land in Australia »»»
Enthusiasts have collected seed capital of $ 90 thousand euros for the acquisition of a time machine.
• In Moscow will exhibit reproductions of famous Russian artists, who dorisoval himself the "father of nations" »»»
Moscow is preparing a unique exhibition of graphics … Joseph Stalin.
• The Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningardskoy offer nominate cartoon "First Squad" of the victory over fascism, the pioneers of the State Prize of Russia in the field of art for 2009 »»»
The Communists are familiar with the cartoon (animated) movie about the exploits of the pioneers, heroes in the Great Patriotic War, "First Squad".
• In the "Olympic" Sochi government introduces a new kind of entertainment - sado-extreme »»»
We at the beach is great extreme fun: you are thrown on a banana and a boat for the cable on the sea drag.

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