“Yandex” says UN unsafe site

This site may lead to infection by malicious computer programs that use it without your knowledge, as well as to damage or theft of your data.

20 December 2009 | , computer, program, seen, un, use, website

Government of Russia has declared the fight against illiteracy
Counsel stylist nose bitten off, protecting the right of men to privacy in the toilet

• Offended sysadmin destroyed the history of the Moldovan sport over the past 100 years »»»
In Moldova, the system administrator has destroyed the history of the Moldovan sport for 100 years.
• The court forbade American students encryption »»»
15-year old Californian banned the use of encryption and malicious software.
• Computer taught to understand jokes »»»
Previous attempts to create machines that understand humor, ended in failure, because what people think funny is very subjective and very difficult to program.
• About how I got stuck in the German bio-toilet! =)) (I cried) »»»
In 2002, in Stuttgart, a small itch need to go in the evening the street Public biotoilet, single stall, very neat, bright, clean, packed full of sensors and is controlled by computer.
• Skorpom.ru - Metropolitan Ambulance station chose the wrong web address »»»
Today, Russian bloggers are actively debating site ambulance and emergency medical care to them.

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