Russia Boeing 737 tried to land on a busy highway in Israel, taking him for runway

Israeli air traffic controllers prevented a catastrophe involving an aircraft of one of the Russian airlines. For some unknown reason, the pilot took over runway Highway Tel Aviv - Jerusalem and tried to land on the highway.

However, Israel’s Channel Two TV gave a different version of what happened. In broadcast television story claims that the Boeing 737, belonging to Russia’s airlines (which is not specified), the route was landing with the airport control tower Ben-Gurion. But at the last moment the dispatcher noticed that the pilot changed course and sent to the adjacent lane, which is preparing to take off the liner another airline.

Commander of Russia’s court was immediately handed over information about the error. The aircraft rapidly gained height, make the second round and came in to land on the desired rate. The landing went well, none of the 102 passengers was injured.

15 December 2009 | airlines, band, catastrophe, israel, part, plane, reason

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