Communists call for Obama to appoint Peter U.S. Secretary Comrade Monica Lewinsky

Wishing predotratit inevitable aggravation of international relations, the Central Committee of Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region to President Barack Obama to cancel the appointment protege of monopoly capital and powerful anti-Russia clan Senator HR Clinton for the post of U.S. Secretary of State and to appoint a representative of a new generation of American people - a fighter for women’s rights Comrade Monica Lewinsky.

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama!

We, the Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, were alarmed to learn of your intention to nominate Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State. We believe this is the biggest political mistake that will lead to a dangerous international consequences.

After all, Senator Hillary Clinton voted against the withdrawal of the U.S. military from Iraq. Also, Senator Clinton said that the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has no soul. We, the Communists, also criticize Putin! But these words, the Snow Queen Hillary is not offended by Putin, and all the people of Russia, which, incidentally, so worried about black people, Mr. Obama!

In addition, Mrs. Clinton tortured, even her own husband, and he ran away from her to Monica. So Senator Clinton will not be able to find a good contact with the majority of politicians in the world of men. It can not be charming, and it will lead to many conflicts. It always will be nervous, irritable, because she suspected her husband of adultery, adultery. Failed to keep her husband - will not keep and political situation.

Senator Clinton - an ambitious political shark and all the time is lying when he says that she wanted to kill him in Croatia.

Fear of a white woman, our brother Obama!

Senator Clinton will always hurt you silently from behind. It sees itself as the president of America, and two bears in one den not uzhivutsya (Russian proverb)

For the sake of friendship between peoples, we urge you, Mr. Obama, U.S. Secretary of State to appoint a companion Monica Lewinsky. This is a cheerful young woman. Incidentally, it is much closer to Bill Clinton than Senator Hillary R. Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky - a pretty persistent and stubborn, she is not bound by stereotypes of the Cold War. We, the Communists of St. Petersburg, very sorry for Monica, as Bill Clinton had deceived her and threw it away.

If you, Mr. President, this man, you have to comfort Monica and offer her a high public office.

If it comes Hillary, the Clintons will eat you.

And you are already on the foreheads of the Ku Klux Klan and the reactionary militarists.

We ask for your desire for international stability and sense of justice.

9 December 2008 | barack obama, communist, comrade, female, people, petersburg, president, senator, united states

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