Zurab Tsereteli is ready to create another "netlenku": He is going to sculpt a statue of Alexander of Macedon to Greece

President of the Academy of Arts of Russia, national artist Zurab Tsereteli does not know yet what will be his monument to one of the most famous generals of antiquity Alexander the Great in the Greek city Vereya.

(Project of the monument to Alexander of Macedon) I have not yet created, I still think about it, "- said on Sunday, news agency RIA Novosti Tsereteli, who is on a visit to Veliky Novgorod.

Information that Veree will be a monument to Alexander the Great of Russia's famous sculptor, has appeared in Russian mass media in September.

"When I see a full song and drag it onto the paper first, then - in clay and plaster, then it will be clear, I am able or not, so (now) I am silent," - added a famous sculptor.

Tsereteli, said that no timetable for a new monument to him not specified.

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