A brief guide to sex tourists

Probably, many travel lovers know that in addition to trekking and swim, there are also races in width. Sex tourism - it is a given, and from this datum has its fans, promoters, fans. Let them not so much, such as canoeing, but you will agree that sex tourists as the full law can be attributed to a group of adventurers. Here to help them and written this article.

The proposed information, please consider, as background advertising recommendatory. In order not to roam abroad for nothing, not hanging idle - I spread some cognitive images, which may have someone help you navigate and determine the choice of countries to conduct on-a-very active recreation …

So - go!


Only after visiting the sunny Caribbean,

Know the sense in the lagoons and vagina.


Vietnam - tank sex tourists,

"Shame" - for feminists.

There girls are so good-natured,

So cheap that even boring.


Thailand - a large 3-x interior,

Massage and bath Babylon.

Funny Thai girls –

Hardworking, like bees.

They are in oil redeem,

And manual caress.

Pomnut, potrut slightly potopchut;

Since you start with you and ….


In Japan a good idea to visit,

Drink sake of their Japanese mother,

Poked a stick in the land,

Although … is a better option:

Kohl oskoromitsya not mind,

Find yourself … Sino-daughter.


In the Rio Carnival in a hurry to behold!

Girls were top class!

To tell the truth, I have never seen …

So much smoked meat!


In Germany, near the town of Torgau

I was rolled to the local Frau;

In response heard in German:

"Nema bazaars, lad. Groshi e?"


All Hungary cultivated on beds,

Country - evergreen cucumbers.

A suspiciously moustached Magyar

Hungry for visiting fellows.


To open a visa to Italy,

I advise you to call in Pisa.

To understand the scientific aspect

The effects of Pisa on the stability of the object.

If interested in Italian,

See … the portrait of Spanish flu.


Spaniards melodic and plastic

In bed surprisingly rhythmic.

But under the puffing of castanets

Sverhmuzykalno do …. !


The Netherlands, it is the same - the Netherlands,

Known to all under the nickname "NiderGlandy.

Here, in general, nefig add, –

Take a box and condoms - to enter!


And of course, being in Paris,

I, like everyone else, Cherche la femme.

To close and lower

Experience the French charm.

Found, feel and understand

What are all familiar, it's not a virgin soil,

With their love of the French –

Ugh! Shame! - Then in the eye, the eyebrow!


Throughout the night once in London City

They talked with some Kitty.

She kept saying to me:

"On-e! My Russian friend, a-e!".

I mumbled his response:

"On-e! My English girl! G-e!"


And yet, my friend, we have to admit:

Our ladies in particular Article!

They are softer on the ocean - not less!

All together zabugornyh women.

And where it had not happened to you happens

And whoever had to spend the night,

Do not forget the distance from the borders,

With a male you home need!

Kon. Wedge

7 September 2009 | fan, fan, on th, sex tourist, travel

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