“And he did not” - a new meme Runet

LJ-User julia_jj reported the appearance in runet new meme:

Many have heard about the movie “Admiral.” Some have already watched.
A girl wrote a review on this film with a remarkable phrase:
“The end of a little predictable. Somewhere in the middle of the film had a feeling that at the end of Kolchak shot. And he did.”
This phrase has been removed from her post, but the process is started.

In the post, some use cases including:
- Then watched “The Passion of the Christ”. End bit predictable. Somewhere in the middle of the film had a feeling that at the end of Christ crucified. And he did.
- Then the prostitute took off at the station. Erasers were. Where is the middle% Blee was a feeling that sick gonorrhea. And he did.
- Decided to war with Kokoity. Somewhere in the middle of the war was a feeling that the Russian intervene and give me in the face. And he did.
- Buha beer 10 years. Somewhere to 15 years had a feeling that I would be in 20 alcoholic. And he did.

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