In Britain, released a booklet about sex for olds

Family Planning Association of Great Britain issued a booklet about sex for children aged six years.
12-page book is in the form of comics in comic form invites children to consider the physiological differences between girls and boys, as well as learn how to call the body parts to each other.
In particular, you must connect the lines, for example, the word “vagina” and “testicles” with the relevant body parts in the drawings naked girl and boy.
The project has already received widespread condemnation. It is noted that early sex education does not help to deal with early pregnancy, which leads Europe, and talk about sex at such a young age can only exacerbate the problem.

But as previously explained to children what it is with us!

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Analysis of hazardous cartoons
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We decided to talk to children about God. Had to overcome some resistance to adults who believe that babies too early to speculate on such topics.

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