Japanese against geyskogo manicure

In the corporate media of the Japanese firm from time to time come across lyapy translation, despite the fact that companies employing a large number of English speakers who are ready to get down to work with important information letters.

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Ranked Among the detainees at the March of Dissent "was the second secretary, Vice-Consul of the U.S. Embassy R. K. Bond
Luzhkov: It is necessary to ban gambling and other income generation activities on the Internet

• Three letters. »»»
When I was accepted to work in the IT department of a large company, my predecessor left me 3 letters.
• The famous novel "Moby Dick" be translated into the language of emoticons »»»
Famous product of the largest American Romantic writer Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" has been translated into many languages.
• Japanese top managers moved to Crimea for "nyashno Poklonskaya" »»»
In social networks discussed translations of Japanese media reported before
• Clockwork credit crisis »»»
The British edition of the Daily Mail has prepared a list of the best, according to its wording, jokes on the global financial crisis.
• Tax verbs (regular trash from RAO) »»»
Authors of works will receive royalties already at customs. In the

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