To familiarize with the world gas industry with the help of a fairy tale - the idea was born in Transgas. And put it in the life of a writer Yablokova. “Journey to the flame” - a new children’s book, which should eclipse the glory of Harry Potter. Why only in this book: a good magician, and Miller, and the villain giant Khodorkovsky and the brave knights of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. Incidentally, these same tales, but processed properly have been sent to the reporting and the tax authorities.

13 August 2006 | book, company, glory, idea, life, tale, travel, world

Sensational details of the life of Leo Tolstoy!
Orthodox Gazenvagen - better than a journalist a blogger? (continued)

• Vibrator for children »»»
In the wake of the popularity of the Harry Potter books, many, many managed to make big money: in addition to direct production of books and movies - on sale have been numerous toys from the world of Potter.
• The old mountaineers and pepper - a play about portals »»»
“Life is not limited to the Internet, we have more theaters, books, concert halls …” (Vladimir Putin).
• "Found in cabbage" is hopelessly outdated, today's children believe that their parents bought them on SMS »»»
In Yekaterinburg summed up competition “Where are the children?”. As Interfax reported with reference to the contest organizer Ivan Kolotovkin, but the most common options you can about the cabbage, store, and a stork, is “very original assumptions.
• All the boys - fools? »»»
Publisher “Good Book” continues to joke. Under the khat - nearly 80 pages of memorable journalistic creativity.
• The Japanese believe that success is living in a toilet »»»
In Japan, a concept such as hygiene, being built almost on a pedestal, and disciplined citizens of persistently strive for order and cleanliness.

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