IT vacation

But for adults the summer - a traditional time to leave. A holiday, as everyone knows, is the best time to return to the life of taste, but IT шника the taste (and color in 32 bits and the size of 19 inches) is a special, different from all the people. So, you finally broke out of office! Where to go, what to do?

9 August 2006 | color, life, man, size, taste, time, vacation

Do you still want to Moscow? >:)
“Biography” designer

• He lives in heaven, knows all about the human requests and moves at a speed of penetration »»»
We decided to talk to children about God. Had to overcome some resistance to adults who believe that babies too early to speculate on such topics.
• The crisis struck at the Moscow prostitutes: they now serve clients in debt »»»
The financial crisis began to affect the market and intimate services in Moscow.
• Moving on Russian * (Veselo. ..) »»»
What does the move for a man? New place, new people, new emotions and experience, in short, everything new.
• Latvia - one of the most unfortunate countries in the EU »»»
Living in Latvia - one of the most miserable people in Europe.
• Kadyrov: 60 thousand Chechens are ready to return from Europe »»»
About 60 thousand Chechen exiles living in Europe, ready to return home, I’m sure the president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

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